Info to orient new developers to Sumatra code base.
You should install Go (
Many tasks are automated with Go program in do directory. Run doit.bat for easy running of that program. use different cmd-line args to trigger different functions.
To build, use latest Visual Studio and open vs2019\SumatraPDF.sln solution. Look at different targets and configurations.
Don't edit the solution directly. To learn how to make changes (add files, change compilation flags etc.) see info about build system.
We use GitHub Actions for a CI system. See .github directory. Most importantly it builds a 64-bit release version on every checkin to catch build errors and uploads it to storage and makes available via
Overview of the directories:
  • src : main Sumatra code
  • mupdf : library used to parse / render PDF files (from
  • ext : other third-party libraries (some are needed for mupdf, some for Sumatra code)
  • do : Go program that automates common tasks. Invoke with doit.bat

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