Our build system uses Premake5. For convenience, we store the binary in bin directory.
Premake generates Visual Studio solution in directory vs2019 from premake5.lua file. Generated solution files are stored in the repository for convenience.


Premake re-generates solution files from premake5.*.lua files.
You only need to do that if you add or remove source files.
To re-generate:
  • install Go
  • make changes to premake5.*.lua files, most likely premake5.files.lua
  • run doit.bat -premake which runs a Go program in do directory with -premake flag
Relevant files:
PS C:\Users\kjk\src\sumatrapdf> ls *.lua
Mode                LastWriteTime         Length Name
----                -------------         ------ ----
-a----         4/24/2020 12:20 AM          22947 premake5.files.lua
-a----          5/4/2020  7:51 PM          23565 premake5.lua
-a----          5/4/2020  7:51 PM           8457 premake5.opt.lua

Customizing build

Sometimes we want to customize the build with #ifdef. We could do it by adding additional configurations, but that can spiral out of control quickly.
Instead we have src\utils\BuildConfig.h file. It's empty by default but you can changed it to add your #define customization.

Build variants

We have Debug, Release and ReleaseAnalyze configurations. ReleaseAnalyze runs code analysis.
We have platforms:
  • Win32 : 32-bit build
  • x64 : 64-bit build
  • x32_asan : 32-build with additional runtime Address Sanitizers checks. Only available in 32-bit build because of compiler limitations

How official builds are made

I use a Go program in do directory, executed with doiit.bat -build-pre-rel or doit.bat -build-rel.

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