We stress test Sumatra to ensure it doesn't crash. Stress testing on my collection of documents is part of release process.
A simple stress test: run SumatraPDF.exe -console -n 2 -rand -stress-test ${dir} It'll scan a given directory, randomize order of files and render every known document type.
Stress test can be customized with the following cmd-line options:
  • -stress-test foo.pdf 8x : render only foo.pdf, do it 8 times
  • -stress-test z:\ : render all documents in z:\ directory
  • -stress-test y:\testdocs *.pdf;*.xps 2x : render only .pdf and .xps document in y:\testdocs directory, render each document twice
  • -n ${parallelCount} : number of documents to test in parallel
  • -rand : randomize order of files. Also distributes equally among different file types (helps to test different formats equally as opposed to reading sequentially, which can spend a lot of time testing *pdf files, then a lot of time testing .cbz files etc.)
  • -console : show console so that we can see progress

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