Released on 2020-03-15
This release upgrades the core PDF parsing and rendering library mupdf to the latest version. This fixes PDF rendering bugs and improves performance.
Added support multiple windows with tabs:
  • added File / New Window (Ctrl-n) which opens a new window
  • to compare the same file side-by-side, Ctrl-Shift-n shortcut opens current file a new window. The same file is now opened in 2 windows that you can re-arrange as needed
  • -new-window cmd-line option will open the document in new window
  • if you hold SHIFT when drag&dropping files from Explorer (and other apps), the file will be opened in a new window
Improved management of favorites:
  • context menu (right mouse click) on the document area adds menu items for:
    • showing / hiding favorites view
    • adding current page to favorites (or removing if already is in favorites)
  • context menu in bookmarks view adds menu item for adding selected page to favorites
This release no longer supports Windows XP. Latest version that support XP is 3.1.2 that you can download from

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