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SumatraPDF is a free, open source project.

Consider supporting it so that I can improve it in the future:

A few words on Patreon membership levels.

If you're an individual who wants to support the further development of SumatraPDF, you can become a Sumatra Fan for $3/month.

If you're a company that benefits from SumatraPDF (e.g. you use SumatraPDF in your company or ship SumatraPDF as part of your software), you can become a Corporate Sponsor for $50/month.

To support SumatraPDF and also advertise your company, you can become a Platinum Sponsor for $500/month. A link to your company will be put on the SumatraPDF home page as well as on the program's start screen (beginning with the forthcoming version 3.3). Given the popularity and reach of the program, this could be worth much more than you're paying for.

Backers via Patreon

  • Reinhold Thurner
  • Aazmandius
  • Linfeng Li
  • Hayashi Takehito
  • Mihai Dragan
  • hldingyetian
  • David Walluscheck
  • Roger Bratseth
  • Victor Soli
  • Laurent NOEL

Krzysztof Kowalczyk