SumatraPDF is a free PDF, EPUB, MOBI, CHM, XPS, DjVu, CBZ and CBR reader for Windows. It’s small and starts up fast. Simplicity of user interface is important to us.

Documentation for users

Command Palette
Keyboard shortcuts
Scrolling, zooming, navigating
Customizing keyboard shortcuts
Command-line arguments
Advanced options / settings
Customize external viewers
Customize search / translation services
Editing annotations
LaTeX integration
DDE Commands
Set as default PDF viewer
Configure for restricted use
Supported document formats
Customizing eBook UI
Installer cmd-line arguments
Uninstalling SumatraPDF
Version history


Contribute translation
How to submit bug reports
Submit crash report
Reporting printing bugs
Update check doesnt work?
Corrupted installation
Why only Windows?

Information for developers

Contribute to SumatraPDF
Build system
Debugging Sumatra
How we store settings
Using DrMemory
Using OpenCppCoverage
Is there a virus in Sumatra sources?
Accessibility and Text-to-Speech
Source code downloads



Found a bug? Have feature request? Submit via issue tracker and vote for features you want to see next.
Have feedback or question? Discuss in a forum.
Want to make SumatraPDF work better in your language? Contribute a translation.