Sumatra PDF
PDF, eBook (epub, mobi), comic book (cbz/cbr), DjVu, XPS, CHM, image viewer for Windows.
Small, fast, customizable, free.
Everyone loves SumatraPDF
SumatraPDF is one of those amazing open source programs that does everything a closed-source and/or commercial product does, but better in every way.
"PDF readers have, over the years, managed to earn themselves something of a reputation for being slow, lumbering beasts – thanks largely to Adobe Reader. Sumatra PDF bucks the trend. It is small, svelte, lightweight and lightning fast."
I was tired of using slow loading & bloated @Adobe pdf-reader.
I found SumatraPDF & I'm happily using the portable application.
Thanks to its simple user interface, small memory footprint & fast startup.#OpenSource #FreeSoftware
The best PDF reader I have used since I started reading PDFs in 1998 is SumatraPDF.

Lightweight, fast loading, minimal resource hogging.
hi its me the one who has the pdfs- you can find pretty much any book on :) if you're on mobile the e-book reader that should be already installed should work but if you're on desktop i use sumatrapdf !
SumatraPDF v3.4 is the bomb! What a great piece of software by @kjk . The custom-keybindings work like a charm!
Made by Krzysztof Kowalczyk