Documentation : Configure Sumatra for restricted use

Sumatra can be configured for restricted use.

A restricted mode is useful if you want to use SumatraPDF as a bundled viewer for your program’s documentation or in kiosk mode

In restricted mode some actions that are not appropriate in such context are disabled:

  • opening new files
  • launching URLs from with PDF document
  • text and image selection
  • printing
  • changing default settings
  • saving to disk
  • automatic and manual update checks
  • a history of recently opened files
  • TeX preview support
  • registering as a default PDF viewer
  • opening with Adobe Acrobat
  • e-mailing PDF

To restrict Sumata put file sumatrapdfrestrict.ini in the same directory where SumatraPDF.exe is.

Here’s a full documentation of available options .

Krzysztof Kowalczyk