SumatraPDF makes it easy for you to open current document in a different program.
For example, if you also have Adobe Reader installed, you can use File menu to easily open PDF document you're viewing in Adobe Reader. We auto-detect a bunch of popular apps (Adobe, FoxIt, PDF X-Change etc.).
You can also add custom readers using advanced settings.
To configure an external reader:
Here are the relevant settings:
ExternalViewers [
    CommandLine =
    Name =
    Filter =
An example could be:
ExternalViewers [
		CommandLine = "C:\Program Files\FoxitReader\FoxitReader.exe" /A page=%p "%1"
		Name = Foxit &Basic 3D view or Review Text
		Filter = *.pdf
CommandLine is a full path of executable that opens a given type of the file.
"%1" will be substituted with a full path of the current document.
You can also use %p current page number. Not all viewers support page number.
Name will be displayed in File menu.
Filter restricts which files can be opened by the reader. For example:
You can configure up to 10 external viewers.

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