Are you using official Sumatra build?

Did you download Sumatra from official Sumatra website?
If not, we can't help you because we didn't create the software you're using.

Uninstalling Sumatra

There are 2 versions of Sumatra: an installer and a portable version (zipped executable).

Uninstalling portable version

If you're using zipped executable, the only thing you need to do is to delete SumatraPDF.exe.

Uninstalling the installer version

If you installed SumatraPDF by running official installer, you uninstall it like every other application.
On Windows 10:

What if the above doesn't help?

What if you still have questions? You can use the forums to ask for additional help.
However, in order for someone to help you, you need to provide the following information:
  • Sumatra PDF version you're using
  • your OS (Windows) version
  • did you download an installer or zipped executable?
  • where did you download the Sumatra from (the url of the webpage you used to download Sumatra)?
  • is there SumatraPDF directory in your program files directory (usually "c:\Program Files" or "c:\Program Files (x86)" on 64-bit systems)?
  • what evidence there is that Sumatra is installed? Be precise and specific. Don't just say "there's a link to it", tell us where that link is, what is the name of the link etc.
To emphasize: if you don't provide this information, we cannot help you.

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