Keyboard shortcuts

j/k , Up/Down  scroll up/down by line
space  scroll by screen
Shift + space  scroll back by screen
n/p , l/h  next/previous page
Page Down/Page Up  next/previous page
Ctrl + Down/Ctrl + Up  next/previous page
Alt + Left  go back
Alt + Right  go forward
Ctrl + G , g  go to page
Home  go to first page
End  go to last page
b  flip a page in book mode
Ctrl + Shift + Right  open next document in the directory
Ctrl + Shift + Left  open previous document in the directory
Ctrl + N  open a New window
Ctrl + Shift + N  open current document in New window
Ctrl + O  open a new document
Ctrl + W  close current document
Ctrl + F4  also close current document
Ctrl + S  save as
F2  rename file and reopen with new name
Ctrl + P  print
r  reload
Ctrl + F , /  find text
F3 , Shift + F3  find next/previous
Ctrl + Q  quit app
q  close tab; close window if last tab
Ctrl + Left Mouse  select area (can then use with copy, print or +/- zoom)
Right Mouse  grab and pan page in any direction
Alt + Scroll Wheel  increase vertical scroll wheel steps (faster)
Shift + Scroll Wheel  pan horizontally with scroll wheel
Ctrl + y  show dropdown zoom control
Ctrl + b  add current page to favorites (since 3.2)
Viewing state
+ , -  zoom in/out
Ctrl + scroll wheel  zoom in/out
z  toggle zoom between Fit Page, Fit Width, Fit Content
c  toggle between continuous/non-continuous mode
Ctrl Shift -  rotate left
Ctrl Shift +  rotate right
F12  show/hide bookmarks (table of contents)
F6  switch focus between bookmarks window and main window
Ctrl + L or F5  toggle presentation mode (minimal full screen mode)
Ctrl + Shift + L  toggle full screen mode
F11  toggle full screen mode
ESC  exit full screen or presentation mode
.  in presentation mode, make whole screen black
w  in presentation mode, make whole screen white
i  show page information in full screen/presentation mode
m  show cursor position in document coordinates
F8  show/hide toolbar
F9  show/hide menu
Ctrl + Tab  go to next tab
Ctrl + Shift + Tab  go to previous tab
Alt + 1  go to tab 1. Use 2, 3 etc. up to 8 to go to n-th tab
Alt + 9  go to last tab
Bookmarks View
(numeric keyboard)
*  expand current tree item
Shift + *  expand all tree items
/  collapse current tree item
Shift + /  collapse all tree items
Enter  toggle current tree item
Shift + Enter  toggle current tree item and its children

More documentation

Krzysztof Kowalczyk