Keyboard shortcuts

j/k, Up/Down  scroll up/down by line
space  scroll by screen
<Shift> + space  scroll back by screen
n/p  next/previous page
Page Down/Page Up  next/previous page
<Ctrl> + Down/<Ctrl> + Up  next/previous page
<Alt> + Left  go back
<Alt> + Right  go forward
<Ctrl> + G, g  go to page
Home  go to first page
End  go to last page
b  flip a page in book mode
<Ctrl> + <Shift> + Right  open next document in the directory
<Ctrl> + <Shift> + Left  open previous document in the directory
<Ctrl> + O  open a new document
<Ctrl> + W  close current document
<Ctrl> + F4  also close current document
<Ctrl> + S  save as
<Ctrl> + P  print
r  reload
<Ctrl> + F, /  find text
F3, <Shift> + F3  find next/previous
<Ctrl> + Q or q  quit program
<Ctrl> + Left Mouse  select text or image
Viewing state
+, -  zoom in/out
<Ctrl> + scroll wheel  zoom in/out
z  toggle zoom between Fit Page, Fit Width, Fit Content
c  toggle between continous/non-continous mode
<Ctrl> <Shift> -  rotate left
<Ctrl> <Shift> +  rotate right
F12  show/hide bookmarks (table of contents)
F6  switch focus between bookmarks window and main window
<Ctrl> + L or F11  enter presentation mode (minimal full screen mode)
<Ctrl> <Shift> + L  enter full screen mode
<Shift> + F11  enter full screen mode
ESC  exit full screen or presentation mode
.  in presentation mode, change background to black
w  in presentation mode, change background to white
i  show page information in full screen/presentation mode
m  show cursor position in document coordinates
F8  show/hide toolbar
F9  show/hide menu
<Ctrl> + Tab  go to next tab
<Ctrl> <Shift> + Tab  go to previous tab
<Alt> + 1  go to tab 1. Use 2, 3 etc. up to 8 to go to n-th tab
<Alt> + 9  go to last tab

Advanced settings

SumatraPDF can be customized by editing settings file.

Command-line arguments

For most complete documentation, read this page.

LaTeX preview support

Sumatra has built-in support for easy previewing of LaTeX documents.

Running in restricted mode

A restricted mode is useful if you want to use SumatraPDF as a bundled viewer for your program's documentation or in kiosk mode. Read more about restricted mode.

Known limitations

Editing interactive forms and adding comments is not implemented.

More documentation

You can find more documentation on this page.

Krzysztof Kowalczyk