Note: this will be available in upcoming 3.4 release. For now you can get this functionality in pre-release version.
Since version 3.4 you can add new keyboard shortcuts or re-assign a shortcut to a different command.
To customize keyboard shortcuts:
An example of customization:
Shortcuts [
		Cmd = CmdOpenFolder
		Key = Alt + O
		Cmd = CmdOpen
		Key = x
		Cmd = CmdNone
		Key = q

Format of Key section:


You can see a full list of commands.


The changes are applied right after you save settings file so that you can test changes without restarting SumatraPDF.
There is no indication if you make a mistake (i.e. use invalid command or invalid syntax for Key).
If the shortcut doesn’t work, double-check command name and keyboard shortcut syntax.

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