You can control SumatraPDF with commands.
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Command IDs Keyboard shortcuts Command Palette


Command IDs Keyboard shortcuts Command Palette Notes
CmdClose Ctrl + W, Ctrl + F4 Close Document
CmdCloseCurrentDocument q Close Current Document
CmdCommandPalette Ctrl + K Command Palette
CmdCommandPaletteNoFiles Shift + Ctrl + K Command Palette No Files
CmdCommandPaletteOnlyTabs Alt + K Command Palette Only Tabs ver 3.5+
CmdDuplicateInNewWindow Shift + Ctrl + N Open Current Document In New Window
CmdExit Ctrl + Q Exit Application
CmdMoveFrameFocus F6 Move Frame Focus
CmdNewWindow Ctrl + N Open New SumatraPDF Window
CmdOpenFile Ctrl + O Open File...
CmdOpenFolder Open Folder...
CmdOpenNextFileInFolder Shift + Ctrl + Right Open Next File In Folder
CmdOpenPrevFileInFolder Shift + Ctrl + Left Open Previous File In Folder
CmdOpenSelectedDocument Open Selected Document
CmdPinSelectedDocument Pin Selected Document
CmdPrint Ctrl + P Print Document...
CmdProperties Ctrl + D Show Document Properties...
CmdReloadDocument r Reload Document
CmdRenameFile F2 Rename File...
CmdReopenLastClosedFile Shift + Ctrl + T Reopen Last Closed
CmdSaveAs Ctrl + S Save File As...
CmdToggleCursorPosition m Toggle Cursor Position
CmdShowInFolder Show File In Folder...
CmdToggleBookmarks Shift + F12, F12 Toggle Bookmarks
CmdCollapseAll Collapse All
CmdExpandAll Expand All
CmdOpenEmbeddedPDF Open Embedded PDF
CmdSaveEmbeddedFile Save Embedded File...
CmdCreateShortcutToFile Create .lnk Shortcut
CmdSelectAll Ctrl + A Select All
CmdCopyComment Copy Comment
CmdCopyImage Copy Image
CmdCopyLinkTarget Copy Link Target
CmdCopySelection Ctrl + C, Ctrl + Insert Copy Selection
CmdCopyFilePath Copy File Path ver 3.5+
Command IDs Keyboard shortcuts Command Palette
CmdFindFirst Ctrl + F Find
CmdFindMatch Find: Match Case
CmdFindNext F3 Find Next
CmdFindNextSel Ctrl + F3 Find Next Selection
CmdFindPrev Shift + F3 Find Previous
CmdFindPrevSel Shift + Ctrl + F3 Find Previous Selection


Command IDs Keyboard shortcuts Command Palette Notes
CmdBookView Ctrl + 8 Book View
CmdFacingView Ctrl + 7 Facing View
CmdInvertColors i Invert Colors
CmdRotateLeft [, Shift + Ctrl + Subtract Rotate Left
CmdRotateRight ], Shift + Ctrl + Add Rotate Right
CmdSinglePageView Ctrl + 6 Single Page View
CmdToggleContinuousView c Toggle Continuous View
CmdToggleFullscreen f, Shift + Ctrl + L, F11 Toggle Fullscreen
CmdToggleMangaMode Toggle Manga Mode
CmdToggleMenuBar F9 Toggle Menu Bar
CmdTogglePageInfo Shift + i Show / Hide Current Page Number
CmdToggleScrollbars Toggle Scrollbars
CmdToggleToolbar F8 Toggle Toolbar
CmdNextTab Ctrl + Right Next Tab
CmdPrevTab Ctrl + Left Previous Tab
CmdToggleFrequentlyRead Toggle Frequently Read ver 3.5+
CmdSelectNextTheme Select Next Theme ver 3.5+
CmdToggleLinks Toggle Show Links Toggle drawing blue rectangle around links
Command IDs Keyboard shortcuts Command Palette
CmdScrollUp k, Up Scroll Up
CmdScrollDown j, Down Scroll Down
CmdScrollLeft h, Left Scroll Left
CmdScrollRight l, Right Scroll Right
CmdScrollUpHalfPage Shift + Up Scroll Up By Half Page
CmdScrollDownHalfPage Shift + Down Scroll Down By Half Page
CmdScrollUpPage Ctrl + Up, PageUp, Shift + Return, Shift + Space Scroll Up By Page
CmdScrollDownPage Ctrl + Down, PageDown, Return, Space Scroll Down By Page
CmdScrollLeftPage Shift + Left Scroll Left By Page
CmdScrollRightPage Shift + Right Scroll Right By Page
CmdGoToFirstPage Ctrl + Home, Home First Page
CmdGoToLastPage Ctrl + End, End Last Page
CmdGoToPrevPage p, Ctrl + PageUp Previous Page
CmdGoToNextPage n, Ctrl + PageDown Next Page
CmdGoToPage g, Ctrl + G Go to Page...
CmdNavigateBack Alt + Left, Backspace Navigate Back
CmdNavigateForward Alt + Right, Shift + Backspace Navigate Forward


Command IDs Keyboard shortcuts Command Palette
CmdFavoriteAdd Ctrl + B Add Favorite
CmdFavoriteDel Delete Favorite
CmdFavoriteToggle Toggle Favorites


Command IDs Keyboard shortcuts Command Palette
CmdTogglePresentationMode Ctrl + L, Shift + F11, F5 View: Presentation Mode
CmdPresentationBlackBackground . Presentation Black Background
CmdPresentationWhiteBackground w Presentation White Background


Command IDs Keyboard shortcuts Command Palette
CmdCreateAnnotCaret Create Caret Annotation
CmdCreateAnnotCircle Create Circle Annotation
CmdCreateAnnotFileAttachment Create File Attachment Annotation
CmdCreateAnnotFreeText Create Free Text Annotation
CmdCreateAnnotHighlight a, A Create Highlight Annotation
CmdCreateAnnotInk Create Ink Annotation
CmdCreateAnnotLine Create Line Annotation
CmdCreateAnnotLink Create Link Annotation
CmdCreateAnnotPolygon Create Polygon Annotation
CmdCreateAnnotPolyLine Create Poly Line Annotation
CmdCreateAnnotPopup Create Popup Annotation
CmdCreateAnnotRedact Create Redact Annotation
CmdCreateAnnotSquare Create Square Annotation
CmdCreateAnnotSquiggly Create Squiggly Annotation
CmdCreateAnnotStamp Create Stamp Annotation
CmdCreateAnnotStrikeOut Create Strike Out Annotation
CmdCreateAnnotText Create Text Annotation
CmdCreateAnnotUnderline u, U Create Underline Annotation
CmdDeleteAnnotation Delete Delete Annotation
CmdEditAnnotations Edit Annotations
CmdSaveAnnotations Shift + Ctrl + S Save Annotations to existing PDF

Zoom menu

Command IDs Keyboard shortcuts Command Palette
CmdToggleZoom z Toggle Zoom
CmdZoomActualSize Ctrl + 1 Zoom: Actual Size
CmdZoomCustom Ctrl + Y Zoom: Custom...
CmdZoomFitContent Ctrl + 3 Zoom: Fit Content
CmdZoomFitPage Ctrl + 0 Zoom: Fit Page
CmdZoomFitPageAndSinglePage Zoom: Fit Page and Single Page
CmdZoomFitWidth Ctrl + 2 Zoom: Fit Width
CmdZoomFitWidthAndContinuous Zoom: Fit Width And Continuous
CmdZoomIn Ctrl + Add Zoom In
CmdZoomOut Ctrl + Subtract Zoom Out
CmdZoom100 Zoom: 100%
CmdZoom12_5 Zoom: 12.5%
CmdZoom125 Zoom: 125%
CmdZoom150 Zoom: 150%
CmdZoom1600 Zoom: 1600%
CmdZoom200 Zoom: 200%
CmdZoom25 Zoom: 25%
CmdZoom3200 Zoom: 3200%
CmdZoom400 Zoom: 400%
CmdZoom50 Zoom: 50%
CmdZoom6400 Zoom: 6400%
CmdZoom8_33 Zoom: 8.33%
CmdZoom800 Zoom: 800%

External app

Command IDs Keyboard shortcuts Command Palette Notes
CmdOpenWithExplorer Open Directory In Explorer 3.5 or later
CmdOpenWithDirectoryOpus Open Directory In Directory Opu 3.5 or later
CmdOpenWithTotalCommander Open Directory In Total Commander 3.5 or later
CmdOpenWithDoubleCommander Open Directory In Double Commander 3.5 or later
CmdOpenWithAcrobat Open With Adobe Acrobat
CmdOpenWithFoxIt Open With FoxIt
CmdOpenWithFoxItPhantom Open With FoxIt Phantom
CmdOpenWithHtmlHelp Open With HTML Help
CmdOpenWithPdfDjvuBookmarker Open With Pdf&Djvu Bookmarker
CmdOpenWithPdfXchange Open With PdfXchange
CmdOpenWithXpsViewer Open With Xps Viewer
CmdTranslateSelectionWithDeepL Translate Selection With DeepL
CmdTranslateSelectionWithGoogle Translate Selection with Google
CmdSearchSelectionWithBing Search Selection with Bing
CmdSearchSelectionWithGoogle Search Selection with Google
CmdSendByEmail Send Document By Email...


Command IDs Keyboard shortcuts Command Palette
CmdAdvancedOptions Advanced Options...
CmdChangeLanguage Change Language...
CmdCheckUpdate Check For Updates
CmdClearHistory Clear History
CmdContributeTranslation Contribute Translation
CmdForgetSelectedDocument Remove Selected Document From History
CmdOptions Options...
CmdShowLog Show Log


Command IDs Keyboard shortcuts Command Palette
CmdHelpOpenManual Help: Manual
CmdHelpOpenKeyboardShortcuts Help: Keyboard Shortcuts
CmdHelpAbout Help: About SumatraPDF
CmdHelpOpenManualOnWebsite Help: Manual On Website
CmdHelpVisitWebsite Help: SumatraPDF Website


Command IDs Keyboard shortcuts Command Palette
CmdDebugCrashMe Debug: Crash Me
CmdDebugDownloadSymbols Debug: Download Symbols
CmdDebugShowNotif Debug: Show Notification
CmdDebugStartStressTest Debug: Start Stress Test
CmdDebugTestApp Debug: Test App
CmdNone Do nothing


Command IDs Keyboard shortcuts Command Palette
CmdOpenWithFirst don't use
CmdOpenWithLast don't use