Sumatra can be controlled in a limited way from other software by sending DDE commands. They are mostly used to use SumatraPDF as a preview tool from e.g. LaTeX editors that generate PDF files.

Format of DDE comands

Single DDE command: [Command(parameter1, parameter2, ..., )]
Multiple DDE commands: [Command1(parameter1, parameter2, ..., )][Command2(...)][...]

List of DDE commands:

  • Open file
    • format: [Open("<pdffilepath>"[,<newwindow>,<focus>,<forcerefresh>])]
    • arguments:
      • if newwindow is 1 then a new window is created even if the file is already open
      • if focus is 1 then the focus is set to the window
      • if forcerefresh is 1 the command forces the refresh of the file window if already open (useful for files opened over network that don't get file-change notifications)".
    • example: [Open("c:\file.pdf", 1, 1, 0)]
  • Forward-search
    • format: [ForwardSearch(["<pdffilepath>",]"<sourcefilepath>",<line>,<column>[,<newwindow>,<setfocus>])]
    • arguments:
      • pdffilepath : path to the PDF document (if this path is omitted and the document isn't already open, SumatraPDF won't open it for you)
      • column : this parameter is for future use (just always pass 0)
      • newwindow : 1 to open the document in a new window (even if the file is already opened)
      • focus : 1 to set focus to SumatraPDF's window.
    • examples
      • [ForwardSearch("c:\file.pdf","c:\folder\source.tex",298,0)]
      • [ForwardSearch("c:\folder\source.tex",298,0,0,1)]
  • Jump to named destination command
    • format: [GotoNamedDest("<pdffilepath>","<destination name>")]
    • example: [GotoNamedDest("c:\file.pdf", "chapter.1")]
    • note: the pdf file must be already opened
  • Go to page
    • format: [GotoPage("<pdffilepath>",<page number>)]
    • example: [GotoPage("c:\file.pdf", 37)]
    • note: the pdf file must be already opened.
  • Set view settings
    • format: [SetView("<pdffilepath>","<view mode>",<zoom level>[,<scrollX>,<scrollY>])]
    • arguments:
      • view mode:
        • "single page"
        • "facing"
        • "book view"
        • "continuous"
        • "continuous facing"
        • "continuous book view"
      • zoom level : either a zoom factor between 8 and 6400 (in percent) or one of -1 (Fit Page), -2 (Fit Width) or -3 (Fit Content)
      • scrollX, scrollY : PDF document (user) coordinates of the point to be visible in the top-left of the window
    • example: [SetView("c:\file.pdf","continuous",-3)]
    • note: the pdf file must already be opened

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